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Yayınlanmış Makalelerimiz

These papers are available as Adobe PDF documents. If you don't already have Adobe's PDF reader, you can download it free.


Tectonic controls on the distribution of large copper and gold deposits in Southeast Asia to identify productive and non-productive structures ( SGA2009 - The 10th Biennial Meeting of The SGA, Townsville, Australia – extended abstract)
Bert De Waele, Peter Williams, Gavin Chan
Presentation to Minex 2008 Master Class on Geology
 Alexander Polonyankin, Senior Resource Geologist
The rock mechanics of kimberlite volcanic pipe excavation (Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 2008)
Wayne Peter Barnett
Upward Ancillary Kimberlite Pipe Growth in the Venetia Cluster (9th International Kimberlite Conference Extended Abstract No. 9IKC-A-00026, 2008)
Wayne Barnett, Stephan Kurszlaukis, Mark Tait, Paul Dirks
Findings of International Review of Soil Cover Design and Construction Practices for Mine Waste Closure
Maritz Rykaart, Daryl Hockley, Michel Noel, Michael Paul (2)
Comparative Study ofSurface Flux Boundary Models to Design Soil Covers for Mine Waste Facilities
Michel Noel and Maritz Rykaart
The Integrity of Cover Systems - An Update
Maritz Rykaart, G.W. Wilson, D.J. Williams
Closure of Remote Historic Underground Mines in Desert Environments (ppt)
James Cremeens, Michael Rauschkolb
Establishing a Site Specific Mining Geotechnical Logging Atlas (Paper and ppt)
Bruce Murphy and Ryan Campbell (paper abstract)
Bruce Murphy and Ryan Campbell (PowerPoint)
Geotechnical Data Management using acQuire Workflows and Data Integrity
Bruce Murphy and M.J. Murphy
An Approach to Closure Planning and Design (Summary and ppt)
Dave Bentel (2 page summary)
Dave Bentel (PowerPoint)
SRK Turkey