Reviewing Historical Trends of Geological Training in the Mining Sector

Erik Ronald
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
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GeoScience Society - AusIMM
This article examines the historical trends of geological training and development for students and industry professionals in the mining sector. It reviews the history of geological training and looks at what is common in business today. A series of recommendations is suggested to improve the state of geological training in the industry in order to maximize the value of professional geologists.
The underlying message in this article is the importance of a strong scientific foundation based on field observations, continuous challenges and varied experiences for career success. Unfortunately, history indicates that many universities and companies have let down geologists, resulting in fewer high-performing and well-qualified geologists entering the industry over the past 25 years, followed by underdevelopment once within industry. This in turn has resulted in fewer geologists in executive roles at major mining companies and a downward trend in significant exploration discoveries.
Throughout this article, the term ‘training’ is used, which should not be confused with external courses or classroom work. In this context, the training is a combination of university degrees, hands-on experience and on-the-job training, all supplemented with professional coursework.


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Erik Ronald

Erik Ronald is a proven and high-performing leader in exploration and mining with 20 years of experience across multiple commodities including iron ore, porphyry copper-gold, and industrial minerals. He uniquely blends excellent communication and interpersonal skills with technical expertise and an underlying business focus. Mr. Ronald specializes in resource geology, exploration and evaluation, resource estimation, mine geology, auditing, and reporting of Mineral Resources. He has worked extensively across North America and Australia with experience spanning from greenfields projects through both open pit and underground operations. Mr. Ronald has held technical, commercial, and leadership roles in both corporate and operational environments. His experience includes project management of technical studies such as exploration & evaluation programs, mineral resource and ore reserve studies, and multiple large project studies (conceptual, OoM, PFS, and FS levels).

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