Subway Stations Retaining Walls: Case Histories in Soft and Hard Soils

Oscar Vardé and Alejo Sfriso
Thursday, April 27, 2017
First presented: 
Third International Conference on Deep Foundations (Santa Cruz, Bolivia).
Published paper

In the last twenty years, sixteen pile-supported metro stations have been built in Buenos Aires in a wide range of geotechnical conditions. After an initial design of the construction procedures including partial open-trench (in two cases), all subsequent fourteen stations were excavated employing cut&cover techniques. In all cases, vertical bored piles were employed both to support the lateral ground pressure and the loads acting on the roof slab. This paper revisits the geotechnical conditions in Buenos Aires City, describes the procedures employed for the design and numerical analysis of pile-supported excavations and presents the behavior of five recent cases located in widely different geotechnical profiles. The paper ends with a summary of lessons learned which are relevant both for design and construction.

Feature Author

Alejo Oscar Sfriso

Alejo Sfriso has 25 years of experience in geotechnical engineering for infrastructure and mining works. He is an expert in the application of numerical methods for geotechnical design and analysis. Alejo belongs to twelve professional associations, including ISSMGE, IAEG, ISRM, IGS, ICOLD, IACMAG, ITA, ASCE and its corresponding chapters in Argentina. He was member of the Executive Committee of the Argentinean Society for Geotechnical Engineering in the period 1997 - 2015, being the President of the Society (2011-2015). Alejo serves as Professor at the University of Buenos Aires since 1989 and at the University of La Plata between 1996 and 2015, in the subjects of Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics and Foundations. He also serves as jury member for faculty positions and theses, reviewer of journals, member of advisory committees, conference organizing committees, and departmental councils at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Buenos Aires, among others.

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PhD, Civil Engineer
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