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Acid Mine Water Treatment With Recovery Of By-Products Of Economic Value

Osvaldo Aduvire
Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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SRK Insights
Published paper
Water Management

Characterization of acid mine water by acidity helps us explore possibilities for recovering by-products with economic value and choosing the most suitable and efficient treatment system possible. This is because characterization by acidity allows us to ascertain not only protonic acidity, but also mineral acidity, which is generally overlooked by typical characterization methods.

Designing phased acid water treatment systems with acidity content in mind enables better resource usage in that less lime is required in the neutralization process. It also enables the recovery of metals from the sludges generated. This makes the treatment of acid water cheaper and more efficient and allows for better environmental control.

Full paper available in Spanish.

Feature Author

Osvaldo Aduvire

Dr. Osvaldo Aduvire is a consultant with more than 30 years of experience in mining and environmental projects conducting environmental impact assessment, closure plans and design of acid water treatment plants. Osvaldo has a vast experience in technical-economic evaluation of mining projects, evaluation of occupational and environmental risks, geomechanical characterization of rock masses, design and reclamation of waste dumps and landfills, EIAs for mining and civil work projects, characterization of the acid/base generation potential of waste rock and mine waste, design of mining operations, sizing of machinery, geochemical characterization of mine effluents and pit lakes, passive treatment of acidic waters, application of bio-engineering to reclamation works, and preparation of mine closure plans.

Osvaldo Aduvire (Specialist in Geochemistry and Mine Clousure)
SRK Lima
SRK Turkey