Mine Water Management

Essential to successful mining


Efficient water management is essential to nearly all mining and mineral processing activities and must be dutifully considered during each development and operational cycle - from preliminary approvals, production, de-commissioning and closure - and its practices must adhere to stringent environmental and socially responsible policies.

We offer an integrated approach to mine water management, combining specialist expertise in hydrology, hydraulics and hydrogeology with geotechnical, environmental and mining skills. Our extensive experience in wet, arid and cold climates enables us to provide cost-effective, practical solutions for your project, and identify methods for more efficient utilisation of water in mining and mineral processing.

Finding a balance between meeting regulatory compliance and cost savings involves innovative thinking. This includes the conjunctive use of surface, groundwater and recycled water; collecting baseline surface and groundwater data from early in an exploration project, including borehole water levels and surface flows; and integrating each water component with the total mine water system.

We also take into account considerations such as the total mine and site water balance, including the climatic influences, and the integration of the mine planning and operations with surface and groundwater management systems to minimise the amount of water passing through the mine, which can potentially save pumping and treatment costs.

We are also experienced with managing the potential, and occurrence, of acid drainage through production and closure, and anticipating likely engineering problems. And we are also proficient in recognising the need for dewatering, identifying hazards and selecting the most suitable water control system for your project.


  • Baseline environmental studies
  • Hydrologic studies linked to flood prediction
  • Integrated environmental planning
  • Water balance modelling
  • Waste characterisation and management
  • Water supply and mine dewatering
  • Seepage control and contamination assessment
  • Quantitative contaminant fate modelling
  • ARD, water quality and geochemistry
  • Diversion (or catchment) structures and spillways
  • Water treatment
  • Engineering design and procurement
  • Contract management and QA/QC
  • Permitting and licensing
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