Mine Reclamation & Closure

Closure planning vital at all stages


Our combination of international experience in all aspects of mining, specialist technical expertise and knowledge of local requirements makes us the partner of choice for many clients embarking on mine closure projects.

Having recognised the increasing importance of mine closure to the industry in the early 1990s, we made it a central focus of many of our business units to work with industry and governments to develop current state-of-the-art practices that meet today’s necessary requirements and standards.

Mine closure planning is necessary at all stages of a mining operation. Current best practice dictates that all mines should be ‘designed for closure’. Closure plans and related financial securities are also required for permitting in many jurisdictions. Recent changes to standards for accounting of “asset retirement obligations” have created an additional need for mine closure planning and cost estimation. We routinely develop appropriate mine closure plans to meet these and your needs.

Mine closure and reclamation begins with the engineering studies, testing and monitoring that translates plans into designs. Our extensive experience in these vital stages has included our involvement with numerous detailed reclamation and closure designs for mines throughout the world. Implementation then continues through procurement and construction. Our experience here ranges from assistance with tendering and construction QC, to delivery of complete design-build packages.

The importance of mine closure to our business has led to a high level of awareness in all of our technical specialists. This has led to reclamation and closure planning being incorporated into feasibility studies, operating plans, due diligence assessments and many other areas of our work.


  • Assessment of closure requirements
  • Closure planning management
  • Assistance with public consultation
  • Development of closure concepts
  • Waste characterisation and geochemical assessment
  • Hydrologic assessments
  • Seismic assessments
  • Water quality predictions
  • Environment assessment
  • Earthworks stability assessments
  • Earthworks design
  • Soil cover design
  • Reclamation design
  • Landform engineering
  • Water treatment system design
  • Water diversion design
  • Construction QA and QC
  • Construction contract management
  • Construction environmental management
  • Design-build packages
  • Preliminary cost estimates
  • Detailed cost estimates
  • Development of cost estimation models
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